Game Capturing service and Breeders of Exotic Game


Belvedere Game Traders and Breeders is based in the Eastern Cape 

We started with game capturing services 4 years ago 


Our services are:


  • Mass capture and darting.

  • Professional, fully equipped capture team.

  • Purchasing, marketing and selling of game.

  • Permit applications and requirements.

  • Helicopter Services 

  • Veterinary services.

  • Translocation of game.

  • Import/Export of game.

  • Capture for auctions.

We capture, transport, purchase and sell game:


Taking care of all marketing, necessary nature conservation documentation and permits for capture and movement of game.

A successful capture is to eliminate as many factors as possible that cause stress to the animal.
Successful game capture does not only include the capture of the animals, but also effective handling and care during transport.
Buyer’s names will be placed on a priority list and will be processed according to the orders received and the availability of game.


Contact Bj de Klerk for enquiries 082 561 6005


  The conservation of game:


  • The best possible handling of game during capture and transit.
  • Professional and well equipped capture teams.
  • Modern and professional capture methods.
  • Close co-operation with Nature Conservation and Animal Health.
  • Client satisfaction during the capture and delivery of game.
  • Fast and effective completion of capture operations
  • Trustworthy, professional and friendly marketing.
  • Ethical business values.
  • After sales service.
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